The existing area of the Company plant is 6,000 m². The business of the Company main involves the aviation, automobile, medical treatment, electron, and manufacturing and injection molding of the double injection mould. 

  The Company Team has abundant experience in the design, development and manufacturing of the precision mould, high-temperature mould and double injection mould.

  Ordinary applied high-end engineering materials: PEEK, PPSU and PEI (Ultem). Common sizing material: PC, PA66 and so on.

  The Company owns the first-class precision equipment. The machining precision can reach less than 5um, and the repetitive error of the injection molding machine process weight can realize less than 0.5%.

  Five manuals are adopted to control the product quality, separately are the APQP, PPAP, PMEA, SPC and MSA.

  The mould is verified in the form of the scientific injection molding and DOE. 32 parameters are adopted for the production and control of injection molding, when the production line change is required, 90% parameters are not needed to be adjusted.