In 1996, the Company established, specialized in the design and manufacturing of mould.

  In 2006, the Company conducted the joint venture with Vaupell Company and set up a joint venture company. The Company extended from the professional mould making to the injection molding field, expanded the injection molding workshop, and obtained the BAC5321 certification of Boeing Company in November of the same year.

  In 2007, the Company obtained the ISO9001 international quality system authentication.

  In 2008, the Company became the manufacturer and supplier of porthole of COMAC’s ARJ21 regional aircraft.

  In 2009, the Company became the member of Hong Kong Aviation Association.

  In 2011, the Company obtained the AS9100C international aerospace quality management system authentication; added the oil injection workshop serving aviation products.

  In 2011, the Company passed the supplier audit of Airbus, became its direct supplier; and started to provide Airbus with A350 porthole.

  In 2012, the Company fully upgraded the ERP management system, which perfected the information management.

  In 2016, the Company split the foreign capital and became a sole corporation.

  In 2017, the Company obtained the ISO9001 international quality system authentication.

  With over ten years of engagement in producing and manufacturing plastic products for aviation, we have abundant experience in design, development and manufacturing of special engineering products, such as PEEK, PPSU and PE (Ultem).

  The Company has years of experience in manufacturing automobile products, integrating the manufacturing, product production, sales and service of automotive moulds.

  In 2014, the Company obtained the 13485 certificate, developed the anaesthesia machine, blood detector and other items coordinating with the client.

  The double lubricious molding makes the product appearance more nice-looking, easy to change the color without spraying.

  The new plastic using the metal substitute has a high design freedom and can realize the injection molding for once. This plastic can save the overall cost and reduce the weight.

  In January 2017, Dongguan Rongchangsheng Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. officially established.